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Words: A. Murray.

Guy Hale, a novelist, record label owner, motorcycle rider, and songwriter, as well as an all-around hard worker, seizes the moment with his novel, “Killing Me Softly,” which is the first instalment of “The Comeback Trail series.” It kept us on the edge of our seats throughout every page. We got the book some time ago, and even though it took us a while to read it all the way through, we are pleased that we didn’t try to rush through it because it was one hell of a ride!

Guy Hale
@ Guy Hale.

The influence of Hale’s travels across the United States can be seen in both the wordplay and the plot of the novel. The events of the book take place in the fictional town of Blackjack, which is located in the middle of the desert. The main character, Jimmy Wayne, is based on the life and experiences of the author’s best friend, Mike Zito, with the exception of the murdering portion of the book, which is completely made up.

Mike also plays a big role in Guy’s comeback trail series, as he and Kid Anderson were the ones responsible for putting together the music with Guy of course! The song ‘Vacant Stare,’ which is also the name of the first chapter, serves as the introduction to the soundtrack. This is the point in the story where Jimmy unwittingly murders his companion, ‘Wendy.’ The music adds an additional layer of drama to the mix, and the ferocity with which the guitars and singers strike strikes with genuine poignancy.

Because the titles of several of the songs on the soundtrack are the same as those of the chapters, it is easy to keep track of where we are in the journey when listening to the audiobook and reading the physical book at the same time. Each and every song addresses a timely moment of the plot, and the conviction with which the music, words, and vocals are delivered make it one that can be savoured over and over again.

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We do not like to give too much away because doing so would make your experience of reading and listening to the book less fulfilling, but all we can say is to fasten your seatbelts because you are in for a real thrill.

You can buy the book and/or soundtrack here. In addition, the second book in The Comeback Trail series, titled “Blood On The Track,” is scheduled to be released in November of 2022.

Also, for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks, be sure to check out the audio version read by Tom Clarke Hill.

Soundtrack Track Listing:

  1. Vacant Stare.
  2. Safe.
  3. To Your Scattered Bodies Go.
  4. Hanging Around.
  5. Lonely Old Lady.
  6. Rage.
  7. Too Much.
  8. When The Day Is Done.
  9. Late Blossom.
  10. Stairway To Hell.
  11. Deja Vu.
  12. Cold Winds Blowing.

Label: Hillside Global

Genre: Blues, Americana

Guy Hale

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Quotes From Other Sources:

“I was Jimmy Wayne. OK, I’m not a serial killer, and maybe you’re not a musician, but the darkly humorous world of Jimmy Wayne just draws you in.” – Mike Zito, CEO Gulf Coast Records and five-time BMA winner.

A downbeat anti-hero’s tale of dubious salvation is documented via killer songs in a page-turning plot, delivering a satisfying heady cocktail of music and word.Paul Davies, Blues Matter Magazine.

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