‘Do Me Dirty’ LostsOfficial


Words: A. Murray.

LostsOfficial emerges as a towering force in the pop music scene with his latest single, ‘Do Me Dirty’. The track not only encapsulates the essence of this Canadian artist but also reflects his distinctive sound right from the outset, leaping out of the speakers with an unmistakable presence.


Despite being under the age of twenty, LostsOfficial exudes a confidence that rivals artists twice his senior. His vocals blend with contemporary pop sounds, delivering a performance that is both emotionally raw and captivating. With open-hearted sincerity, he shares his struggle to move on from a past heartbreak while remaining hopeful and eager to experience love once more.

For fans of modern pop, ‘Do Me Dirty’ is a must-listen, offering a perfect blend of infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with the complexities of love and resilience.

Stream below.

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