‘Thanks Coincidence’ Francesca Luker


Words: A. Murray.

Francesca Luker delights with her latest EP, ‘Thanks Coincidence,’ a strong follow-up to her previous 2023 singles. Since igniting our curiosity in mid-2023 with the release of ‘Promise Land,’ Francesca has ascended the pop, soul and RnB hierarchy, culminating in the heartwarming culmination of the year – a five-track earworm.

Francesca Luker

The EP introduces two irresistible songs, ‘Thanks Coincidence’ and ‘Scream Out’. These additions not only showcase her versatile talent but also underscore her unwavering commitment to innovative songwriting. Each delivery from Francesca is infused with bonafide emotion, with her vocals undeniably stealing the spotlight.

You can listen below.

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